Data Accuracy and Priority

Data Accuracy and Priority

It is hard to determine if data is correct when multiple data sources provide different information.

We try our best to provide the highest data quality.


Complete data > Incomplete data > No data > Wrong data

E.g. Jeff Bezos birth date is 1964-01-12

Category Value Description
Complete 1964-01-12
Incomplete 1964-01-01 Minimally, we need year, if month / day is missing, indicate 01
No data
Wrong data 1965-01-12 1965 is wrong year

“Perfect” examples

Fields priority

  1. Photo :framed_picture:
    • highest resolution headshot photo(s), you can upload > 1
    • prefer image without license issue e.g. using Google image, Tools > Usage Rights > Creative Commons licenses
  2. Basic info
    1. English first, middle, last name
    2. Native first, middle, last name
      • e.g. Jack Ma’s native name is 马云
      • not all languages have middle name. Chinese only has first and last name
      • you have to understand name convention in different languages
    3. Date of birth, death
      • person will have date of death only if she is dead
      • if a person is dead, she shouldn’t have any activity after date of death
    4. Eye color :eye:
      • infer from photo
    5. Gender :transgender_symbol:
      • infer from photo
      • if a person is transgender, we take whatever is their latest gender on their official document (id, passport etc)
      • if unclear, then OTHERS
    6. Race
    7. Residency
      - place of birth, citizenship & permanent residency
      - to select multiple, hold CTRL button
  3. Social media
    • all social media accounts you can find
    • add them to respective fields, e.g. twitter to twitter field etc
    • a person may have multiple twitter accounts, you can add all of them by clicking Add more twitter account
    • search result, hashtag etc don’t count, it must be their personal account

Sections / Fields not mentioned are either less critical (Address) or likely unavailable (Identity document)