How-to Create Any Person

How-to Create Any Person

If there is a person you would like to track, but there isn’t any record, you can create one!

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Create Person Page

You can go directly to this page

Or, hover over the person icon on the top right corner, and select the Create person button

You will see this page

Minimum Data Required to Create Person

  1. Photo
    • it helps to uniquely identify a person as there are people with the same name around the world
    • you can upload as many photos you want
  2. English first and last name
  3. Social media accounts
    • RoboTrackers’ unique selling point is social account tracking, so it’s required

For field details: Data Accuracy and Priority

Data uniqueness

1st, please try searching for the person, How-to Search and Filter

If you find the person, but the data is wrong/inaccurate, DO NOT create a new record, please update the existing record, How-to Update a Person's Record

If you can’t find the person, then please create a record.