How-to Data Entry

How-to Data Entry

Accuracy :dart: then speed.

The performance measure is based on how accurate you are, and not how fast you are.

Always assume all my data is inaccurate, check every field. Fill up every field you can find.

Please go through this: Data Accuracy and Priority

I will assign records in your favorite list: Login

DM me when you are done.

Video (4k resolution available)

Websites to focus

    • search for first 3 pages
    • when searching for person, for each result, check and confirm it’s right person. Name is not reliable because people can have same name
    • if the right person exists, it should be within top 5-10 results, because only famous people can be found here, so not many results
    • add url to Wikipedia field
    • useful to search for Chinese people
    • add url to Other website field


Please let me know if you discover any bugs or important specialty website :slight_smile: