Person Tracker Details

Person Tracker will scrape all the valid social media URLs.

What is a valid social media URL?

This is automatically determined by our code, based on how different social media define account / profile.

Our URL validator maybe inaccurate. Which is why you should update the URL if it’s inaccurate. Before you create an order.

What will be scraped?

We only scrape public data and not private data.

For example,, we can scrape all Jeff’s public tweets, but not his private tweets.

Why don’t scrape private data?

We don’t want any legal issues with governments or social media companies. Anything that is open to public is fair game.

SLA (service level agreement)

We do not promise that we can always scrape all the data. There are various technical challenges

  1. Bot access
  2. Web page structures
  3. IP blocking
  4. Captcha
  5. Honeypot traps
  6. Slow/unstable load speed
  7. Dynamic content
  8. Login requirement
  9. Real-time data scraping

The trackers that works today may not tomorrow if Twitter decides to change their web page structure. It takes time for us to update our trackers.

How long does Person Tracker take to scrape all URLs?

More URLs means longer time.

The 1st time URL is scraped, it will get all historical data. Subsequent scrape will get incremental data, thus faster.